At SAIPSIT Inc, we make it our business to know your business.Our Practices are focused on customized software solutions, specialized skills, and niche applications. We thoroughly understand your business. That means better results, faster results, and more meaningful results. We're delivering technology services, but we're thinking about it the way an executive in your company would. We understand that the role of information technology today goes beyond being a supportive force in achieving business goals. It becomes a key driver to new business process thinking and a tool towards building a competitive advantage. Technology has become critical to success. Our solutions methodology is centered on identifying the market issues and challenges faced by our customers. We present solutions that include strategic management and relocation of services and business processes that deliver not just long term return on investment, but assure improved business efficiency and allow clients to better focus on their signature processes. Our teams comprise of people with knowledge of typical business operating practices as well as technology implementation experience in these industry verticals. Our portfolio of Industry services spans: Manufacturing :: Banking and Financial Services :: Insurance :: Retail:: HealthCare

We are comfortable working with Fixed-Bid and Time and Materials projects delivering Development, Business Analysis, Quality Assurance, Project Management, and Consulting Services. Our flexible sourcing model enables us to cater to both onsite and integrated onsite/offshore models. We invite you to evaluate our contribution as well as measure the difference our services make to your business